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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Manipal University Admissions 2011

Manipal University Manipal Karnataka

Admissions open 2011

Engineering and Architecture
B.E.: Aeronautical, Automobile, Biomedical, Biotechnology, Chemical, Civil, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics, Electronics and Communication, Industrial and Production, Information Technology, Instrumentation and Control, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Printing Technology; Last date: 15th March, 2011
B.E. Lateral; Last date: 30th May, 2011
M.Tech: Computer Science Engineering, Computer Science and Information Security, Digital Electronics and Advanced Communication, Network Engineering, Network Engineering (Dual), Software Engineering, Software Engineering (Dual), Microelectronics, CAMA, Manufacturing Engineering and Technology, Industrial Biotechnology, Chemical, Construction Engineering, Structural Engineering, Astronomy and Space Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Control Systems, Energy Mangaement, Auditing and Lighting, Power Electronics Systems and Control, Environmental Engineering, Printing and Media Engineering, Printing and Media Technology (Dual); Last date: 10th May, 2011
M.Tech: Nuclear Engineering, Engineering Management; Last date: 01st June, 2011
MCA (Master of Computer Application); Last date: 31st May, 2011
B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture); Last date: 10th May, 2011
M.Arch (Master of Architecture); Last date: 01st June, 2011
PG Certificate in Advanced Architectural Design; Last date: 01st June, 2011
BBM: e-Banking and Finance; Last date: 21st March, 2011
MBA; Last date: 30th May, 2011
MESM (Master of European Studies and Management); Last date: 15th February, 2011
Jewellery Design and Management
BBA/Lateral BBA: Jewellery Design and Management; Last date: 30th May, 2011
Hotel Management
BHM (Bachelor in Hotel Management); B.A. in Culinary Arts; Last date: 21st March, 2011
M.Sc: Hospitality and Tourism Management, Hospitality with Tourism Management (UCB); Last date: 15th June, 2011
M.Sc: Dietetics and Applied Nutrition; Last date: 01st June, 2011
Media and Communication
B.A.: Journalism and Communication; Last date: 21st March, 2011
MS: Communication; PG Diploma in Corporate Communication; Last date: 31st May, 2011
Certificate in Animation Technology; Last date: 30th June, 2011
Information science
MS: Embedded Systems, Medical Software, VLSI CAD, VLSI (Whizchip), Embedded (Dual), Embedded and Wireless Technology, Dual degree; Last date: 10th May, 2011
M.Sc (Technical): Digital design and Embedded Systems, Information Science, MS IT Management; Last date: 01st June, 2011
M.Sc Biostatistics; Last date: 01st June, 2011
M.Sc Photonics; Last date: 01st June, 2011
MS: Geopolitics and International Relations; Last date: 01st June, 2011
PG Diploma in Gandhian and Peace Studies; Last date: 30th June, 2011
M.Sc: Clinical Virology; Last date: 31st May, 2011
M.A. in Interdisciplinary Humanities; Last date: 01st May, 2011
Division of Media and Entertainment (Bangalore campus)
B.Sc.: Animation, Visual Effects, Visual Communication Design, Game Art, New and Interactive Media, Graphic Design; Last date: 30th June, 2011
B.A.: Journalism and Communication Studies; Last date: 30th June, 2011
MS Integrated: Animation, Visual Effects, Visual Communication Design, Game Art, New and Interactive Media, Graphic Design; MS: Communication; Last date: 30th June, 2011
MBA: Media and Entertainment, Marketing, Advertising and Communication; Last date: 30th June, 2011
PG Diploma in Corporate Communication; Last date: 30th June, 2011
MBBS; Last date: 15th March, 2011
MD/MS/PG Diploma; Last date: 25th January, 2011
M.Sc (Medical): Anatomy, Biochemistry, Clinical Embryology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Yoga Therapy; M.Sc: Regenerative Medicine; Last date: 31st May, 2011
DM: Cardiology, Neurology; M.Ch: Cardiothoracic Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Urology; Last date: 30th June, 2011
M.Phil: Psychiatric Social work; PG certificate in Panchakarma; Last date: 30th June, 2011
M.Phil: Regenerative Medicine; Last date: 10th November, 2011
PG Diploma in Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells; Last date: 30th June, 2011
BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery); Last date: 15th March, 2011
MDS/PG Diploma in Dental Materials; Last date: 25th January, 2011
Certificate in Aesthetic Dentistry; Last date: 30th April, 2011
Certificate in Oral Implantology; Last date: 31st May, 2011
Certificate in Lasers in Dentistry; Last date: 30th September, 2011
Allied Health Sciences
BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy); BOT (Bachelor of Occupational Therapy); BASLP (Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology); B.Sc (Medical Laboratory Technology, Medical Imaging Technology, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Optometry, Respiratory Therapy, Health Information Administration, Medical Radiation Therapy, Cardiovascular Technology); Last date: 30th May, 2011
MPT (Master in Physiotherapy): Cardio Pulmonary Sciences, Community Based Rehabilitation, Neurosciences, Orthopedics, Paediatrics Physiotherapy; MOT (Masters in Occupational Therapy): Child Health, Musculo-skeletal conditions, Neuro Sciences; M.Sc: Cardio Vascular Technology, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Medical Imaging Technology, Optometry, Hospital and Health Information Administration, Medical radiation Physics; M.Sc MLT (M.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology): Microbiology and Immunology, Clinical Biochemistry; MRT (Masters in Respiratory Therapy): Adult Respiratory Care, Neonatal and Paediatric Respiratory Care; MASLP (Master of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology); Lateral M.Sc NMT; Last date: 10th May, 2011
M.Phil Clinical Psychology; Last date: 30th June, 2011
B.Sc Nursing; Last date: 01st July, 2011
PC B.Sc Nursing; Last date: 15th July, 2011
M.Sc Nursing: Medical Surgical, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatric, Psychiatric, Community Health; Last date: 10th May, 2011
M.Phil Nursing; Last date: 30th June, 2011
B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy), Pharm.D; Last date: 15th March, 2011
Lateral B.Pharm; Last date: 30th May, 2011
M.Pharm (Master of Pharmacy); Pharm.D Post Baccalaureate; M.Sc in Advanced Pharmaceutical Sciences; Last date: 10th May, 2011
Applied Sciences
M.Sc: Organic Chemistry, Applied Mathematics and Computing; M.Sc Physics (Condensed Matter Physics, Optoelectronics, Nuclear Physics); Last date: 01st June, 2011
Public Health
MPH (Master of Public Health); Last date: 01st June, 2011
MSW (Master of Social Work): Community Organization and Development, Human Resource Management and Industrial Relation, Medical and Psychiatric Social work and Counseling; Last date: 15th July, 2011
MHA (Masters in Hospital Administration); Last date: 01st June, 2011
Certificate in Public Health, Global Health; Last date: 30th June, 2011
Life Science
B.Sc Biotechnology; Last date: 30th May, 2011
M.Sc: Medical Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Human Genetics, Bioinformatics; Last date: 31st May, 2011
How to apply: Applications are available at select branches of State bank of India and Syndicate bank
You can apply online at

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